Horses and Bayonets and GIFs, Oh My!

The candidates agree we should build economies abroad.


The candidates agree we should educate women.


The candidates agree on how to handle Syria.


The candidates agree we should build our economy at home.


Like, they reeeeallly agree that the domestic economy is important.


Wait, are we still watching the foreign policy debate?


Is Bob Schieffer still here?



Mitt refers us to his website to explain how he'd pay to grow the military.


Horses and bayonets! Finally something worth tweeting about!


But, uh, we need to be thinking about defending ourselves in space?


The candidates agree they loooove Israel.



Ok seriously, do they agree on everything?



Crippling sanctions. Mitt loves crippling sanctions.


Bob Schieffer asks, "What's the deal?"



The candidates agree they both love drones.


We all love teachers!



Mitt says we should vote for him.



Obama says we should vote for him.


Thank god these debates are over.

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