THE HORSE'S MOUTH. Fans of Greg Sargent's contributions to Tapped, take note: As part of the Prospect's ever-expanding blog empire, we're now hosting Greg's own blog on media and politics, The Horse's Mouth. You'll want to make it a regular part of your daily TAP online intake. (Greg won't be a stranger to Tapped, however -- have no fear.) Meanwhile, those Tapped readers who haven't yet made Midterm Madness a daily destination as well really need to consider doing so. There's great stuff over there, and when it comes to the midterms, they know what they're talking about a hell of a lot more often than us Tappers do.

Just to recap: Tapped, Midterm Madness, The Horse's Mouth. All essential reads. Our blogs could be your life.

--Sam Rosenfeld