How Can the Republican Party Pressure Akin to Leave the Race?

The entire Republican leadership wants Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race. There are several ways they can make their point to him. First, cut off his money supply. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has canceled a $5 million ad buy for him. Second, Akin is not well known statewide and now no established Republican will campaign with him. Third, they will deny him coveted slots at national events, such as next week's Republican National Convention. Fourth, they will make it known to anti-abortion groups that elephants never forget and any support or funding they provide Akin will be duly noted and thrown back in their faces next time they want something from the party. Fifth, they will deny him use of the Republican infrastructure, including the use of phone banks and get-out-the-vote workers. It is also possible that they have a carrot or two for him if he goes gracefully. These could include paying off his campaign debts (if any) and getting him a good job in politics or with a Republican think tank.

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