How Queer Are We In Boston?

I've noticed for a long time that in different cities, the "LGBT" community—which in reality is an amalgam, a coalition, of different communities—is run by different sexes. If I'm reading it right, for instance, the major homos in DC tend to be men. Up here in the Boston/Cambridge area, ladies run the show. Mary Bonauto, Sue Hyde, Arline Isaacson, Elyse Cherry, Maura Healy, Susan Love (okay, she's moved west, but you get the picture): Yes, we have the likes of Barney Frank, but within the city, the LGBT table is set and run by the ladies. (And for everyone I left out, it was unintentional! I know you're powerful! My brain just fizzled for a second!).

All of which is to say, I was anything but surprised when I found out that the city's premier power couple, Romeo and Juliet, turned out to be lesbians. The devoted swan pair is scheduled to return to the Public Garden this week. They've been together for 22 years, and came out as gay just one year after same-sex marriage was made legal in Massachusetts.

I'm just saying.  

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