I Just Can't Outwonk Them

Damn that Brad Plumer. Seriously -- I link and I link, and where does it get me? Fucking nowhere. I was all excited, everybody else had spent the day worrying about the Trustees Report, while my clever self had sidestepped them and read CAP's new health care plan. In full. And made notes in the margins. So while they all talked about solvency and proved smart today, I'd start out tomorrow with a preemptive strike, nailing the plan first and thus winning the wonk competition. But it was not to be.

Plumer, who spent the day poring over the Trustees Report, decided to spend the night on the health care plan. Bastard. Anyway, he's got a lot of stuff on it and, though I do it grudgingly, I'd suggest you read it. But make no mistake -- I'll still be starting tomorrow with a nice big post on it. Though, at this rate, Matt'll beat me too and I'll just look like a poseur. So uh, FEHBP expansion, good call! Medicaid for more, I also like! Emphasis on preventive medicine, IT improvements, Health care as moral issue!, all worthwhile. A cap on percentage of income you can pay on health care premiums, good politics! So is keeping parts of plan vague so it doesn't get destroyed like Clinton's proposal did. Admitting to a 3-4% VAT tax from the outset, not as good politics, but probably the best you're going to get so long as you're being honest. Also, Bill Thomas (R-CA) likes the VAT tax, so bipartisan support until it matters! I disagree with Brad on incremental vs. overhaul! See, I really read it! And damn that Plumer, he's a machine!