Jesse's got a great swipe at those who'd deny women the morning after pill:

Does anybody here know why the morning-after pill has a 72-hour window? Anyone? Well, you see, when the mommy half and the daddy half get together, it's a process called "fertilization". The problem is, however, that unless that fertilized mommy-and-daddy bit is implanted in the mommy's tummy, it can't ever become a baby nine months later. Unless it's implanted, it's a combined bit of regularly produced bodily secretions that in its then-current state cannot develop any further.

I'm not going to speculate on why there's a contingent of Americans dead-set against allowing women avoid pregnancy even before implantation has occurred; it's enough to simply say they're wrong. And while I know this stuff is supposedly icky -- particularly talk about fertilization! -- morning-after pills and condoms and the like are really quite popular.

American parents aren't running around worrying their daughters will abort, they're worried that they'll get pregnant. That, after all, is the last thing any parent wants to face. A wider variety of products that promise to forestall that conversation long before the talk turns to abortions and adoptions will be a political winner because, let's face it, the guardians are mainly interested in the continued viability of plausible deniability regarding their daughter's sex life. Anything that keeps the happy illusion whole will win the day.