Hey, readers. My name’s Channing Kennedy, and I’ll be your guest blogger this week here at the Prospect, on loan from Colorlines.com. Can I say how excited I am to be here? I am very excited.

At Colorlines, my beat is what I refer to as "race meets nerd culture." You know: video games, superhero movies, indie comics, opinion polls, Internet memes, stuff like that. I’m also, as the WASPiest person on staff, occasionally called upon to explain my people. And since nobody in the nonprofit-industrial complex has just one job under their title, I’m also the unseen hand that guides most of our social media and original video content.

Oakland's my home these days; for my money, it's one of the United States’ great historical cities. Previously, I resided in the same Missouri college town that takes partial credit for Prospect alumna Ann Friedman; on two different occasions, I emceed local fashion shows in which she debuted new lines. Trivia!

In my opinion, the most important journalism happening today is on the subject of self-perpetuating systems of race and gender in our post-racist, post-sexist world. So it’s a privilege to be in the company of some of my all-time favorite people to read on the subject. Thanks to The American Prospect team for hosting me.

-- Channing Kennedy