The Moose muses:

It is interesting to the Moose that a film maker who suggests that the United States manufactured the war in Afghanistan to further oil interests is a celebrated figure to many in the Democratic party, while a respected Democratic Senator and former Vice Presidential nominee (who generally votes with the liberal mainstream of the party) is a primary target for a purge.

The Klein avers that Michael Moore is a brash media provocateur who succeeds in his attempts to create compelling documentary films that force moviegoers to view controversial issues from unexpected angles. Joe Lieberman is a Democratic senator who is considering defecting from the party and providing bipartisan cover to a President whose plan would be bad for the young, bad for the old, bad for the deficit, and bad for the country. Joe Lieberman's "task" is to be a good Democratic senator who combines smart progressive ideas with long-term strategic thinking in ways that advance the Democratic party's ideals and materially improves the lives of average Americans. Joe is failing at this task. Moore succeeds at his.

The Klein wonders why this comparison is even being made, and judges it a cheap exercise in false equivalence.