John Yoo: Leave Obama Aloooone!

I know everyone's sick of people using the "death hug" euphemism in politics, but this, from John Yoo, looks a lot like a death hug. Yoo attacks Republicans for "holding hands with isolationist Democrats out of political convenience."

Republicans returned to power in the House of Representatives on a promise to take the Constitution seriously. They appealed to Americans worried about ObamaCare, expanding regulations and the exploding national debt by promising to rein in the federal government. But the Libyan war is tempting Republicans to sacrifice constitutional principle for partisan advantage.

By accusing President Barack Obama of violating the War Powers Resolution, House Republicans are abandoning their party's longstanding position that the Constitution allows the executive to use force abroad, subject to Congress's control over funding. Sadly, they've fallen victim to the siren song of short-term political gain against a president who continues to stumble in national-security matters.

Facing bipartisan fire over his administration's implausible excuses for not seeking authorization from Congress for military operations in Libya, Obama's most ardent defender on Libya is a guy who thinks the president has the authority to crush a child's testicles, someone whose name is synonymous with lawlessness for many liberals. It's hard to imagine Yoo isn't enjoying the irony.

That's not to say Yoo has much love for Obama. His preferred solution for Republicans, if they really believe Obama is in violation of the law, is to impeach him. 

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