Jon Huntsman Should Find a Better Gig

Jon Huntsman has staked his entire presidential bid on the New Hampshire Republican primary. He’s diverted his campaign’s resources to the state, and held dozens of events over the last several weeks. Unfortunately for the former Utah governor and ambassador to China, this has been an exercise in futility. Yahoo News reports that despite holding 80 events in the state, Huntsman has only raised $1,000, to go along with his abysmal performance in state polls.

I’ve said this since the beginning of his campaign and it bears repeating: Jon Huntsman was never a serious nominee for president. The hundreds of thousands he’s invested in his campaign could have been better spent doing so many other things. As for the $1000 he raised in New Hampshire? He should divert that from the campaign and spend it on something useful, like a Macbook Air, or perhaps a truckload of Godfather’s Pizza.