Journalist’s Resource

“What we’re doing is, by hand, going through the political science journals and reaching out to people and saying, ‘Hey, what do you think we should include?’ And then try to boil it down to some core studies on topics of interest,” Wihbey said. “Maybe it’s the case that some of the more sophisticated reporters already know this stuff. But we think it could be useful, and we certainly welcome the whole blogging community that’s not necessarily institutionally affiliated to take a look at all this.”

That is John Wihbey, of Journalist’s Resource at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center.  I mentioned Journalist’s Resource a while back, and they are still doing good work.  Here’s an example.  Here is their entire section on politics.

If you are a researcher with a study that might be of interest to journalists, flag it for Journalist’s Resource.  Contact information is here.