JUST POSTED ON TAP ONLINE: THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GROVER. On June 23, Grover Norquist met with a bunch of liberals for a Prospect-sponsored breakfast here in Washington. Grover expounded on the structure of the two major political coalitions in America; the politics of Iraq, gay marriage, and immigration; the philosophical link between the inheritance tax and Jim Crow; anti-Mormonism and Big Love; the complete innocence of Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform in this whole Abramoff-Indian tribes brouhaha; and much more. Here he is handicapping the Democratic presidential contenders for 2008:

My assumption is that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. I believe the debates will be Hillary Clinton and seven guys sitting around a table, her chair will be four inches taller than everybody else�s, and Biden will say things like, �I was thinking today how clever and brilliant and witty Hillary was, which reminded me that Evan Bayh is an idiot.� And so, they�ll kick each other under the table while praising Hillary, and then one of them gets to be vice president. So that�s my operating assumption on the Democratic Party.

Read the complete transcript of the discussion here.

--The Editors

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