JUST POSTED ON TAP ONLINE: JUST ADD MISSILE DEFENSE. Matt ruminates on the loony and seemingly indestructable id�e fixe of right-wing security policy: a non-functioning shield against non-existent missiles. What's significant -- and scary -- is that conservatives really seem to believe in this thing:

Ballistic missile defense is, in short, not just a waste of money, but the tip of a wildly misguided intellectual iceberg -- a whole worldview that radically misconceives the nature of America�s interests and the contemporary international situation. The conservative movement is committed to an outlook that revolves around impractical solutions to unreal problems, and missile defense is just one more example to add to a pile including the invasion of Iraq, the decision to spurn Iranian peace overtures, and the effort to define the (necessary) struggle against al-Qaeda in the broadest and most apocalyptic terms available.

Read the whole thing.

--The Editors

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