KLEIN V. KLEIN. You've really got to read Digby's excerpts from Hugh Hewitt's interview with Joe Klein. Klein desires -- aches really -- for Hewitt's approval, and it leaves him a quivering mass of eager-to-please. The interview primarily consists of Klein parading all his points of agreement with George W. Bush and proudly bragging about his White House nickname -- Mr. Faith-Based, in case you were wondering -- which he hastens to add is just "one of Bush's nicknames for me." It's pathetic.

Klein, you'll remember, is supposed to be Time's in-house liberal, so maybe he feels the need to keep his identification slippery (in which case, speaking as a liberal, I assure him it's worked). I wonder, however, why you never see Charles Krauthammer on the Rhandi Rhodes show prostrating himself for her approval and slamming his party. He seems perfectly comfortable in his political identity. Klein , meanwhile, is prancing about, saying Bush is an "an honorable man," who "I really like" and Newt Gingrich is a "man of honor" who "I've always really respected", while Michael Moore is a "disgraceful", "reprehensible" being who "I don't want to be associated with" and the Democratic Party needs to distance itself from bloggers.

But it's hard to get to mad at Joe. I've a soft spot for folks who achieve their dreams. Come the interview's end, Hewitt, the sort of respectful, sober guy who writes books entitled "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It," promised Joe that "I would love to continue this on. In fact, as often as you want, you've got the open invitation to be our responsible Democrat on the show, because they're hard to find."

What an honor. Maybe next year, Hewitt will invite him to prom.

--Ezra Klein