Lessons I Learned Last Night

Actually, it wasn't last night. Last night was probably my fifth Spearhead show. But if you've not seen them live, you really, really, should. For reasons I don't understand, blogospheric music recommendations are sole property of the Indy Music Alliance, and so all we're ever told is "go see Arcade Fire" or "Death Cab for Cutie is great". Now, I like AF and Death Cab just fine, but none of these skinny white boys with guitars can hold a candle to the six-foot-six force of nature that is Michael Franti. His shows are just mind-blowing. From beat-boxers to Louis Armstrong impersonations to covers to music that has left friends of mine in tears -- no joke -- it doesn't get any better. Ever.

What's that you say? You don't know Spearhead? Surely you jest! Well, for you poor souls out there, you can download some of their songs here ("Everybody Loves Music" and "Oh My God" are particularly good choices), or, in less legal venues (actually, iTunes carries them too), you should check out "Stay Human", "Every Single Soul", "What I Be", "Skin on the Drum", "Listener Supported", "Soulshine" and, well, really anything off Stay Human, Home, Live at the BAOBOB, or Everyone Deserves Music. But take my advice for it -- Franti and friends can change your life, or at least your outlook on it.