• The WSJ has a fascinating piece on how executive women identify with Hillary Clinton's struggles to make it in a man's political world, then unpacks the reason that she's not getting more support from women like her: They're probably, like the majority of higher-earning people in America, Republicans. "Executive and professional women with incomes over $75,000 -- who might be perceived as having most in common with her -- support Mrs. Clinton in much lower numbers than do lower-income women, and they are slightly more likely to vote for Mr. Giuliani than for her: 46% to 45%."
  • Walter Shapiro diagnoses the problem with the Obama campaign and wonders how much traction he'll really get out of Saturday night's speech: "He has displayed an inconsistent, zigzag style that makes it difficult for him to sustain any mood, any argument, any message in his campaign. Every time Obama takes off the gloves, he immediately feels compelled to lace them up again."
  • Marc Ambinder reports that the National Right To Life Committee will endorse Fred Thompson. This is a huge get for his campaign, and may give him a boost in Iowa.

  • Chris Cillizza reports that Tom Matzzie of MoveOn will head up the Democrats' independent sort money operation for 2008.
  • Ben Smith issues a critical reminder about HRC: "A factor worth keeping in mind in explaining Clinton's New Hampshire drop, which has nothing to do with Democratic primary politics: Both McCain and Romney have been attacking her in television ads in the state."

  • John McCain's just-announced new TV ad in New Hampshire, "Outrageous," is a case in point.

  • I was in Des Moines for the Democrats' Jefferson Jackson Dinner on Saturday and live-blogged the event. You can catch up with my coverage here (scroll down to the start of Nov. 10 and read from there.)

    --Garance Franke-Ruta

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