• With the last week's NIE revelations undercutting the profitability of Rudy Giuliani's promising to be mean to Iran, he has apparently decided that being mean to illegal immigrants is the next best thing. The formerly pro-immigrant Giuliani says that if he thought the INS could have deported all of the city's illegal immigrants "I would have turned all the people over. It would have helped."
  • The Politico reports that the IRS has received several complaints from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State about political activities of several churches on behalf of Mike Huckabee. The pastor of one of the churches, Rev. Wiley S. Drake, of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif., "responded [by] urging followers to pray for the deaths of... the Americans United officials who filed the IRS complaint." The Lord was not available for comment.
  • Nice photo, guys. Come on, you know? Seriously.
  • In an endorsement upset, the editors of National Review magazine go for Mitt Romney. While many had predicted that Giuliani's promises to bomb the living hell out of everybody would secure the NR's backing, according to the editors, Giuliani's belief that the state should not be empowered to force women to bear children does not meet the Republican Party's "moral standards," making Romney, who has been a strong, principled pro-lifer for almost 20 minutes, "the most conservative viable candidate."
  • Proving that there are things more annoying than telemarketers, voters in Iowa will be receiving hand-written letters from Ron Paul supporters in the surrounding states, asking them to vote for their candidate.

--Matthew Duss