• As noted below, co-chair of Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign Bill Shaheen resigned after not being subtle enough about trying to make Barack Obama's youthful drug use an issue in the primary. Then Hillary Clinton apologized. Then Clinton strategist Mark Penn went on Hardball to make sure that everyone knew that we're talking about cocaine here. Classy.
  • With regard to Bill Shaheen, this is the first I'd heard that Mr. Big's ex-bassist had gone into politics. (Oops, sorry, that's Billy Sheehan.)
  • The Rudy Giuliani campaign has announced that the candidate will make a major campaign statement tomorrow, outlining his vision for the future of America. Presumably he will detail who can expect to be bombed by the U.S., who can expect to be detained without charge and tortured by the U.S., and who can expect to merely be deported.
  • The New York Times reports that the Mike Huckabee campaign was "crippled for about 24 hours by a massive e-mail breakdown that began just after Wednesday’s Republican debate and stymied its communications just as media attention on it crescendoed." The Lord may be responsible for Huckabee's surge in the polls, but when it comes to server problems, he has to rely on tech-nerds just like the rest of us.
  • The conservative advocacy group Freedom's Watch promises that they will "have a strong presence in 2008 and beyond," which means that we can expect many more ads in which nameless Iraq war amputees are used as bludgeons against those who aren't in favor of creating more Iraq war amputees.

--Matthew Duss