Lightning Round: A Banner Day for the Right-Wing Circus.

  • As Greg Sargent observes, the lesson of the Breitbart fiasco isn't about the "bias" of conservative and liberal media but the difference between them. Liberal new media might focus on the GOP and conservative movement, but they do so honestly. Sure, sometimes they make mountains out of molehills, but that's a problem of hyperbole, not mendacity. By contrast, much of conservative new media simply isn't grounded in the same progressive journalistic standards.
  • Via David Sessions, an essay at The American Spectator is fast becoming a cause célèbre of the right due to a high-profile Rush Limbaugh shout-out. The content is familiar: America is being destroyed by a ruling cabal of liberal elites who want to destroy capitalism, drive God out of public life, and establish a politically correct language code. Sometimes I wonder if the conservative media has more contempt for liberals or for the intelligence of its followers.
  • Conservative foreign affairs in a nutshell: "[Hugo] Chávez is a hooligan who will see any wavering on the part of the U.S. as a sign of weakness. It is time for the administration to support -- and be seen as supporting -- the friends of the United States and confronting those like Chávez who damage our interests and call us enemies." First, who cares if Chávez sees us as weak? Second, what does "confronting" Chávez entail, specifically?
  • Remainders: Tucker Carlson is a vindictive hack; this chart explains the priorities of the deficit hawks; I guess it's time to scrap the "but China isn't on board with emissions reduction" defense; Michele Bachmann promises more frivolous government from a GOP-controlled Congress; The Moonie Times offers not one but two op-eds endorsing impeachment of President Obama; and I don't understand why so many conservatives believe classic Greek writings are all you need to know to conduct good statecraft.

--Mori Dinauer