Lightning Round: The Best Government is the Least Caring.

  • Citizens for the Republic has produced a
    cleverly titled ad called "Mourning in
    " that laments the sad state of affairs in the country
    under Obama. Its appeal to emotion is a little too much
    for conservatives, though. Daniel Larison
    that its promise that a Republican government would be
    "smaller and more caring" is misleading, because good governments, in
    his world, should never care about their citizens.
  • Because "it could've been worse" isn't the best campaign strategy, DCCC
    chair Chris van Hollen is calling on Democrats to talk
    about the local effects the stimulus funds have had and how communities
    will be hurt if they're cut. Or, in other words, brag for
  • Disturbing news for
    attendees of last week's Values Voters Summit. Congressional Republicans may not want "don't ask, don't tell" repealed, but that won't stop other Republicans from turning out to support the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the group behind the Prop. 8 federal challenge. Ken Melhman is hosting a fundraiser that also includes Karl Rove on the guest list.
  • Remainders: Three reasons to miss Larry
    ; Michelle Obama heads out on the campaign trail;
    Stephen Colbert to
    for the United Farm Workers on Capitol Hill; the new "Contract With America'"may be written by the inhabitants of an Internet

-- Sarah Babbage