• In an email to supporters, Hillary Clinton confirms yesterday's late revelation that she will be suspending her campaign and endorsing Barack Obama. Clinton is holding a rally in D.C. on Saturday to make an official announcement and to thank her supporters.
  • Karen Tumulty has a comprehensive story in Time on how Obama's superior campaign organization won him the nomination.
  • As the de facto leader of the Democratic Party, Obama has begun to coordinate the DNC with his campaign more directly, appointing Paul Tewes as a liaison between the two, retaining Howard Dean as DNC chair. Obama has also pledged to take the party in a new fundraising direction, declaring at a Bristol, VA, event that the DNC will no longer take lobbyist or PAC money, and to take steps to move towards a viable public financing system.
  • In other reform news, The Hill reports that both Obama and John McCain are co-sponsoring a good government bill, with McCain coming in late behind original co-sponsor Tom Coburn.
  • John McCain raised $21.5 million in May ($31.5 million in cash on hand), and combined with the RNC's consistent outraising of the DNC, that could make him competitive with Obama. The Politico, however, claims the GOP should be very, very afraid.

--Mori Dinauer