Lightning Round: Elections Have Consequences.

  • Most Republican elites, I've assumed for the past two years, saw an opportunity in the "Tea Party movement" to rally conservatives for the big November finish, even if it meant a few unelectable candidates spoiled some races. And then there were candidates who were lumped together with the Tea Party but who were actually just loyal party men, like Marco Rubio, who paid lip service to the "movement" but are ready to move on now that the election is over.
  • I find it bizarre that proponents of limited government believed the election of Rand Paul heralded some new era of libertarian politics and their realization that Paul is going to behave mostly like a typical Republican member of Congress is amusing. Sure, Paul holds some heterodox positions, but they won't affect his transformation into a reliable vote for the Republican agenda.
  • You'd think after spending a decade fighting pointless and futile land wars in the Middle East there might be a reluctance on U.S. policy-makers' part to start further pointless and futile wars, but Lindsey Graham believes we are exceptional enough to "neuter" the Iranian regime with our freedom bombs. Then you have people who are shocked to discover that, yes, Iran will acquire nuclear weapons and there's little the United States can do to stop this from happening.
  • Weekend Remainders: Michael Cooper debunks the myths of the midterms; we're not a banana republic --  we just don't care about the poor and unemployed anymore; and the Blue Dog Democrats truly are an insufferable lot.

--Mori Dinauer