Lightning Round: Kill a Party/Resurrect It.

  • Julian Sanchez disembowels The American Spectator's Daniel Oliver for his curiously terrible take on The New York Times' coverage of the Catholic Church's sex-abuse scandal. Oliver's beef? The Times is bowing to the vast homosexual conspiracy scientific consensus. It's OK, Mr. Oliver. Sometimes I forget that being gay is not the same as being a pedophile, too. No, no, wait. That never happens.
  • Jason Levin is the best kind of madman. He's the leader of Crash the Tea Party, a group of proud pinkos looking to out-loon Tea Party protesters on Tax Day. Evan McMorris Santoro profiles the man and the movement over at TPM. "Our plan is not to shout them down," said Levin, "but to infiltrate them and push them farther from the mainstream." So it's like Levin and company are throwing a tea party, but adding hemlock to the brew. As for how successful this will be? We'll see. When you've got folks calling the president a Kenyan-born, secret-Muslim-communist and sporting signs like these, you're already working with the peanut gallery. I don't know if you can get much nuttier.
  • The Washington Post reports that last week, Mike Huckabee dismissed gay adoption with the following claim: "Children are not puppies." Oh, he also laid into Michael Steele and Mitt Romney and likened the gay-marriage movement to an accommodation of incest and drug abuse. It all happened during an interview with The Perspective, a magazine at the College of New Jersey. Huck PAC director Hogan Gidley has since equivocated on Huckabee's behalf and requested that the magazine release a tape from the interview. Author Michael Tracey obliged. Surprise: Huckabee said it all. Score one for college journalism.
  • Yes, the Civil War was about slavery. For those who are still unconvinced, check out this must-read from Ta-Nehisi Coates. I have no snark to offer here -- just praise for some great writing and some fantastic comments-section discourse. Go check it out. Honestly.
  • If you want to adopt a baby from a novel African nation without stepping on Oprah's or Madonna's turf, Mother Jones has got you covered; Jon Chait captures the soul of Fox News in a single screen cap; drunken ophthalmologists are even worse than snakes on a plane if you're Barney Frank; and every time The Washington Post mentions Eric Massa, a tickle-fight angel gets its wings.="http:>

--Rebecca Delaney