Lightning Round: Prejudice is Expensive.

  • Matt Yglesias wades into the ongoing Martin Peretz imbroglio, criticizing plans by Harvard to honor the controversial New Republic editor despite his recent comments on the "cheapness" of Muslim life. According to Yglesias, Harvard is only going ahead with the honoring because it wants the more than half million dollars that has already been raised to create a research fund in Peretz's name. Apparently, prejudice doesn't come cheap.
  • Rep. Walt Minnick of Idaho wants in on the craziness that has overtaken the Republican Party, or at least that's what you would think from his latest video. In it, the Blue Dog Democrat attacks his Latino Republican opponent, Raul Labrador, for being a lawyer who works with illegal immigrants. "What does Raul think of our broken immigration system?" the ad asks. A sound clip of Raul then responds, "Now I like it because I make a good living because of it." Too bad they didn't include the first part of the clip, where Labrador denounces illegal immigration and agrees that the system needs reform.
  • Whenever Kyrgyzstan makes the papers, the opening line is always about how rare it is for Kyrgyzstan to make the papers. Former Democratic Sen. Thomas Daschle thinks the country deserves more attention, though, because it's a beach-head of democracy, albeit a fragile one, in an otherwise autocratic region.
  • Remainders: ThinkProgress tracks the huge sums of money prison companies are donating to anti-immigration politicians; 2010 voters don't hate incumbents; Rep. Mike Pence is today's crowd favorite at the Values Voter Summit; Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert take Glenn Beck mockery to the next level.
-- Sarah Babbage