• The big news today is Barack Obama's speech (video here) on race (he wrote it himself apparently) which seems to have been generally well recieved (haven't had a chance to watch it yet myself). See Ezra, Dana, and Kate for favorable reviews and somewhat less positive reactions from The National Review courtesy of Kevin Drum.
  • McCain makes a gaffe on Iraq, accidentally revealing that he doesn't know the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam.
  • Marc Ambinder runs down the state of play on the Florida DNC delegation. It also looks like Michigan won't vote again. As Steve Benen has more, but the bottom line is that revotes in either state seem exceedingly unlikely.
  • Liberal groups announce a $425 million coordinated voter mobilization and reigstration effort. This includes many groups who always spend large ammounts in election years, but it also represents an unprecedented degree of cooperation between them. The lion's share of the funds come from unions which should remind anyone who'se fogotten just how important they remain to the Democratic coalition.
  • Most Democrats think it would be unfair for a candidate who came in second in pledged delegates to win with superdelegates.

--Sam Boyd