• The last few days have been oddly quiet in terms of campaign news, but John Edwards shows some signs of momentum. Maybe it’s fallout from the Obama/Clinton feud, maybe it’s those stories about his strength in rural Iowa, but whatever it is Marc Ambinder rounds up some convincing evidence of increasing interest.

  • Howard Kurtz makes the case that Clinton just can’t get a break from the media.
  • I, for one, was happy with our cyborg presidential candidates. It’s another day and another candidate trying to seem “human.” Hillary Clinton at least has a very good case to make, Mitt Romney not so much.
  • You know what doesn’t make you look human? Campaigning with war criminals. At this point McCain could burn Hillary Clinton in effigy on stage and still get favorable press coverage.
  • And in the all-too-human department Newsweek reported yesterday that Mike Huckabee intervened to shield his son from a criminal investigation after he and a friend allegedly hung, stabbed, and then stoned a dog while counselors at a boy scout camp.
  • Huckabee seems to have kicked off something of a trend. Barack Obama’s holiday ad is almost impossibly cute thanks to his daughters. Rudy Giuliani, meanwhile, has a web video where he promises to give everyone strict constructionist judges for Christmas (really). I know my favorite gift ever was Antonin Scalia in a giant box wearing a Santa hat and waving Glock -- he made his own air holes.
  • Finally, if the Green Party is seeking a candidate less credible than Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, who announced her candidacy for the nomination today, should do nicely.

Sam Boyd