Local News Is Awesome

Even in the age of the Internet, local television news remains the top source of information for Americans. And it's almost undoubtedly the worst, a festering stew of fearmongering and triviality, with the occasional waterskiing squirrel thrown in. So for your Friday amusement, via The Hairpin, here is a local news crew in Indianapolis, but most particularly the weather guy, freaking the heck out over a spider. Watch as his fear turns to panic, and then to sheer terror:

Many people have irrational phobias, and I suppose it's unfortunate for this guy that his just happened to be demonstrated on television. But hey, if you want to be a media star, that's the kind of risk you have to take. But here's my idea: President Obama should bring a tarantula to that jobs speech next Thursday, and see who runs screaming. I'm thinking Eric Cantor might be the one.