LOOKING FOR EVIL IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. To follow up on Matt's point below, the GOP's scaremongering on terror has become downright comical. They're hysterical over the prospect that terrorists will board a plane, fly to Mexico, spend months planning and making the deadly cross-desert trek, arrive in the US dehydrated and exhausted, and then set about conducting a terrorist attack. Wander across the Canadian border? Unthinkable! Similarly, the press has deeply wounded national security because terrorists, who might've figured the US's massive intelligence apparatus had decided to take an extra long lunch break, are now aware that we're trying to tap their phone calls. Horrors! How will we fight them now!?

It all leads to a rather central point about the War on Terror. If we really believe those trying to attack us are such unbelievable morons, why are we worrying so much about them?

--Ezra Klein