This hasn't gotten much attention in the national press, but Iowa politics sites are starting to write about how Republican Iowa Rep. Tom Latham introduced a sense of the Congress resolution into the House a little over a week ago condemning state efforts to give licenses to illegal immigrants -- a policy for which all the Democratic candidates for president, with the exception of Sen. Chris Dodd, have expressed some support. His resolution:

Whereas some states issue state drivers licenses to illegal aliens,

Whereas by providing official government-issued identification to individuals who are in the United States illegally, states and other government entities reward those who show disrespect and disregard for our nation’s immigration laws,

Whereas the very act of entering the United States illegally shows disrespect for the nations laws and should not be rewarded in any way,

Whereas issuing drivers licenses to undocumented individuals presents a national security risk and enables election fraud,

Be it resolved, it is the sense of the House of Representatives that states should not issue drivers licenses or other government-issued photo identification to illegal aliens.

Despite the uncertain impact of the immigration issue on the most recent mid-term elections, Republicans are certain to continue trying to turn drivers' licenses for illegals into a wedge issue for 2008.

--Garance Franke-Ruta