Maybe the Tea Party Should Only Protest on Private Golf Courses. . .



But then again, there’d be the EPA and the Clean Water Act to thank for the waterways; local officials to thank for the zoning; federal transportation dollars to thank for the roads driven to enter the course ...

You get the point. My colleagues at Dēmos have a piece up today as part of a week-long series called "Taxes Matter." It includes an annotated Tea Party protest photo, and it calls out how hypocritical it is for anti-tax zealots to ignore what taxes bring us.

Here's an excerpt from Dēmos Vice President Tamara Draut:

We don’t have to love paying taxes, but we should at a minimum respect and acknowledge why we pay them. Yet without a single drop of irony, Tea Party members hold up their 'Zero Taxes' posters on street curbs maintained with local government funding, lit with publicly-funded street lights, in front of public traffic signs, near publicly-maintained roads to protest efforts to fund our public goods.

(Heather McGhee is director of the Washington office of Dēmos, a national, nonpartisan public policy center and the Prospect's publishing partner.)

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