Maybe They'll Conduct a Public Exorcism!

Aren't conservatives supposed to be for, you know, limited government and congressional restraint and states' rights and stuff? Yeah? So tell me how they can possibly justify following up their subpoenas to Major League Baseball with yet more subpoenas stopping doctors from pulling Terry Schiavo's feeding tube and forcing her and her husband to testify before a committee. As Kevin says:

It's not just that this is an obvious abuse of congressional power, since subpoenas are designed to compel testimony and Terri Schiavo is obviously not going to testify about anything. What's really nauseating is the almost slavering Republican eagerness to treat Schiavo as a common media spectacle. What are they going to do? Wheel her into a committee room under the klieg lights so the whole country can gape in wonderment at a comatose woman? Why not just set up a circus freak show on Capitol Hill and be done with it?

It's weird because I remember their guiding philosophy even as they seem to have completely forgotten it. Congress, under them, is reclaiming its penchant for grandstanding on issues it should never, ever, get involved in. And it's doing so under the very same people who promised to curb its excesses and cut down its power. It's almost Shakespearian.