McCain’s Slide into Irrelevance Continues Unabated

(I had a pretty wonky post on Social Security ready to go, but Ezra beat me to it, so instead you’re getting my latest rant on the increasingly useless John McCain.  Enjoy!)

Not to be all Seinfeldian about this or anything, but what is <b>with</b> this guy?!

Sen. John McCain said Tuesday the conclusions of a commission investigating intelligence failures on weapons of mass destruction should not lead to new questions about whether the Iraq war was justified. "America, the world and Iraq is better off for what we did in bringing democracy," McCain said.

The Arizona Republican is a member of a commission formed by President Bush over a year ago after the chief weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kay, resigned saying "we were almost all wrong" about the pre-war estimates that Saddam Hussein possessed banned weapons.


In a recent interview, McCain said the report by the panel led by Republican Laurence Silberman and Democrat Chuck Robb was worth the $10 million Congress dedicated to it.

"I think questions had to be answered as to why we were so wrong," McCain said. "We needed to have recommendations as to how to prevent something like this from ever happening again."

Okay, you got that?  $10 million has been spent.  Conclusions have been drawn.  Those conclusions should not lead to new questions.  Even though the assertion that “America, the world and Iraq [are] better off for what we did in bringing democracy” is widely debatable, from its key premise about whether any of the above are, indeed, better off, to whether democracy has actually been brought to Iraq, no more questions are allowed.  Forget it.  Whatever that commission says about intelligence failures, missing WMDs, or anything else, you’d better get prepared to accept it, because ain’t no more questions gonna be allowed.  $10 million buys a lot of answers, and you’re gonna like ’em, got it?

Now for my favorite part:

McCain, in appearances with Bush at Social Security events in the West the past two days, has been offering a glowing endorsement of the president's second-term push for democracy around the globe. In two states Monday and here on Tuesday, he ticked off changes in Afghanistan, Ukraine, the Middle East and Iraq as proof that Bush "is on the right side of history" and deserves credit for advancing freedom throughout the world.

Oh yes.  Freedom, freedom everywhere.  Everywhere I look—nothing but freedom!

Freedom here.

Freedom there.

A little bit more freedom thisaway.

A little bit more freedom thataway.

Look all around you—freedom!

It’s everywhere!

As far as the eye can see.


Thanks, Bush.  And thanks, McCain. As a former resident of the Hanoi Hilton, you would definitely know how to spot freedom, so thanks for pointing out how we owe all this awesome freedom to the Pres.  GO FREEDOM!!!

-- Shakespeare’s Sister