MD Senate: Kweisi For You

As I suspected, Kweisi Mfume’s hat is in the ring. I have to say, even if Steele runs for and wins the GOP nomination,
this may not be the old-school/new-school fight I’d been hoping for.
Mfume’s opening salvos are distinctly Obamaesque:

goal is to give a new voice to the issues that affect every-day working
men and working women and the families that they are a part of," Mfume
said during a late morning press conference in a lounge at Camden
Yards, where he was joined by five of his six sons.

He said his campaign would focus on "overcrowded and ill-equipped schools," health-care costs and disparities and fighting "low expectations" for some youths.

am officially pleased. I like Mfume a lot, and in a race where the
Democrat is a heavyish favorite anyway, this kind of rhetoric should
make him more than competetive.

- Daniel A. Munz