MEET JOE AND EILEEN. An audio recording of yesterday�s breakfast with Senator Chuck Schumer is now available. You�ll hear he begins with a discussion of his workout regimen (the House gym, not the Senate), and from there, launches into a detailed description of his vision for a new Democratic Party. It rests largely on the WWJAED (What Would Joe And Eileen Do) principle. Who are Joe and Eileen? They're a fictional couple from Massapequa, New York, who voted Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush -- though Matt said yesterday a more accurate voting record probably would have been Perot-Clinton-Gore-Bush. They supported the war. They think what Ken Lay did was bad, but hate flag-burners more. They supposedly agree with many of the Democratic Party's values, but can�t stand it when arrogant liberals speak down to them. These are the voters that Schumer believes the Democrats should target. Listen and see whether you agree (Ezra had a few objections).

--Alec Oveis