Meta-Commentary on End-of-Year Lists

Over at NPR's website, Linda Holmes had herself some meta-fun in a post called The 20 Unhappiest People You Meet In The Comments Sections Of Year-End Lists. For instance,

6. The Read A Book Guy. "Not one of these movies is as good as reading a book." On a list of books, by the way, he will say none of the books is as good as books used to be. He also hates Kindles, which he may or may not mention.

It's the kinda thing we wouldn't even have imagined writing a top-twenty list about even five years ago, which makes it very of-our-moment—and made me actually LOL. Check it out if you've ever rolled your eyes at your fellow online commenters and would like a nice, knowing meta-snicker at their anonymous expense. Because you and I have never left comments like this, now, have we?

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