The Mommy Diaries

Helaine Olen penned a fairly peculiar NY Times article on how she fired her nanny after reading her blog. The piece is all over the place, one part rumination on the difficulty of putting single life behind you, one part cautionary tale of how your personal life can be seen my your employer when sprayed across the screen, one part self-serving justification for firing a nanny, and one part freelance journalist trying to tap into a trend (blogs=hip/interesting). But the piece, while internally scattered, is a fairly straightforward bit of writing. So I'm somewhat confused at the reaction its created in the blogosphere.

Lance Mannion calls Olen a bully. Amanda is incensed by Olen's prudishness. Prof. B. has the best response, a more nuanced meditation on Olen's inability to deal with an employee rapidly busting through her accepted archetype. But one thing seems to be forgotten here: It was the Nanny, Tessa, who gave Olen the blog.