I'd just like to welcome Matt, Marshall and Atrios to the Gore 08 party (and how many parties do both Duncan Black and Marshall Wittman attend together? Not many. That alone should make Democrats take Gore seriously -- Ed). We've been slumped over at the bar here since early May. After I wrote my original post on it, I was e-mailed some fairly dispiriting information on Gore's feelings towards another candidacy, but the truth is, until he echoes Sherman, the door remains open.

Gore, if anything, starts in a better position than Hillary. Already defined as a credible candidate, there's nothing Republicans can do that'll make him look unfit to lead (the country, indeed, already voted for him once). If he can keep his recent speaking style, boring won't apply, at least not so much. His credibility with the left-wing of the party is massive and real. Unlike Hillary, who inspires a fair amount of distrust, Gore's endorsement of Dean and his alliance with MoveOn have turned the ultimate establishment candidate into something of a left-wing insurgent. That should make him a fierce online fundraiser, with small donor rolls that'll dwarf even Dean's, a particularly important strength since that great sucking sound you've been hearing is Hillary hoovering all the early money.