MORE McECCODITTO. Following up on Ezra's post, here's the official EccoDitto statement on their CEO's reported flirtation with John McCain:

"EchoDitto was founded to further a progressive agenda online, and we are proud of the partners we've worked with over the past three years and the record we've built doing so.

As a firm, EchoDitto is committed to progressive campaigns and organizations. We do not now, nor will we in the future, support candidates or organizations that are not aligned with our social
mission. Because of that fact, we do not now, nor will we in the future, support Republican campaigns. We have turned down such requests in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Individually, the members of our team are free to support politically whomever they want -- such is the right of anyone in a democratic society.

Here's what the man himself had to say about McCain on his blog this morning:

A lot of people are asking me about John McCain. When I worked for Common Cause, I worked on the McCain-Feingold bill and worked closely with Sen. John McCain�s office. After Sen. McCain lost the Republican primary in 2000, I traveled with him as part of a group of campaign finance reform staffers as we criss-crossed the country working to secure support for the McCain-Feingold bill. I have long admired Sen. McCain�s work on campaign finance reform and his independent streak. If Sen. McCain runs for president, he�s got my support.

EchoDitto, the company that I co-founded and am CEO of, has not in the past, does not now, and will not in the future do any work for Sen. McCain in any way.

Right now, I�m involved in many projects that have nothing to do with presidential politics. While I currently don�t know what role I�d like to have in 2008, if Sen. McCain runs I hope to be helpful. This is a personal decision for me based on my own first-hand experience. I like Sen. McCain -- I think he should be president!

And why shouldn't he? A handful of additional wars and steep cuts in vital retirement security programs would be a small price to pay for minor alterations to the campaign finance system!

--Matthew Yglesias

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