This morning I caught up with Jim Wallis' spokesperson, Jason Gedeik, who tells me that Wallis is "not actively campaigning" for the inclusion of an abortion reduction plank in the Democratic Party platform. Gedeik added that Wallis and Barack Obama have known each other for ten years, and that Wallis has tried for a number of years "through backdoor channels," including in discussions with Obama, to get the Party (and the Republicans as well) to address "abortion reduction."

I asked Gedeik if Wallis, or his organization, Sojourners, had a position on any proposed legislation, including the Democrats for Life 95-10 bill that Dana referred to below. He said that Sojourners supported 95-10 in 2006, but has not taken a position on any other proposed legislation, and is not supporting any particular proposal right now. And what about contraception as an element of any "abortion reduction" proposal? Gedeik said that "we are not publicly commenting" on contraception.

--Sarah Posner

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