Lindsay Beyerstein's review of Sin City is the best I've read. She says what I should've, but had neither the time nor talent to communicate. Read it.

Also -- one weird aftereffect of the film's style is that I can't seem to visualize it as live action. Other moviegoers can weigh in on this, but when I remember scenes from the film, it's as if they were all animated, there's no weight to the figures. I might as well be remembering a moving comic book. But there's no reason for that -- the actors were all human, all substantial, all filmed looking more or less like themselves. So why, when I try and recall them, do I remember them as drawn images? It's a very weird feeling. And it leaves me with a lot of respect for the directors. Gotta give it up for comic-based live-action film so true to the original medium that, after you've watched it, what you remember is a comic book.