That’s all for me, folks.  I’m buttoning my collar back up and heading back to the comments threads (and my own place).  I’m off to Chicago for a day of Oscar-related shenanigans.  I’m on a 10-year winning spree with my Oscar picks, and I need to defend my title.

Thanks for letting me invade your space for a couple of days, Ezra.  It was good fun.

On a final note, lately there’s been a lot of grumbling about sexism in the blogosphere and about some of the bigger dogs not giving the smaller pooches their due, some of it fair and some of it not.  At the risk of embarrassing my generous host, I want to acknowledge that he has been supremely supportive of me, long before either issue became hot topics again, and despite the fact that we don’t always agree.  Thanks, EK.

-- Shakespeare’s Sister