NBPP Obsession Gaining Momentum In Congress.

So now mainstream Republicans in Congress are latching on to the New Black Panther Party Case, with Senate Republicans pushing for a hearing and House Republicans pushing for a special prosecutor. All for a voter-intimidation case in which zero voters said they were intimidated. Meanwhile, during the Bush years the political leadership at the Civil Rights Division was in the business of pushing modern-day poll taxes, but Republicans didn't care because making it harder for minorities to vote made winning elections easier.

Keep in mind there's already an internal Justice Department investigation going. If that concludes nothing went wrong -- and it probably will -- you can expect Republicans to investigate that as well should they win the House.

I'm actually of the opinion that these race-related controversies aren't the silver bullets Republicans think they are. Obama is doing badly because the economy is doing badly. This stuff plays very well with a particular crowd; most other people don't really care.

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