New anti-Hillary Clinton PAC president Glenn Hurowitz of has previously endorsed Clinton rival John Edwards for president, according to an October 14 press release from the Edwards campaign.

On the morning of Oct. 14, the Edwards campaign sent out a press release headlined "EDWARDS WINS ENDORSEMENT FROM FRIENDS OF THE EARTH ACTION." Following news of that endorsement, the release read:

Edwards has already earned the endorsement of several influential environmental leaders, including:

National Environmentalists for Edwards Leaders
Scott Rutledge, Nevada Conservation Leader
Lana Pollack, National LCV Board Member*
Lisa Guthrie, National LCV Board Member, Executive Director of VA LCV*
Carrie Clark, National LCV Board Member, Executive Director of NC Conservation Council*
Brownie Newman, Political Director NC Conservation Council*
Nina Szolsberg, President of NC Conservation Council*
Carol Piszczek-Sheffield, Board Member AZ Sierra Club Chapter*
Jeff Anderson, CA Environmental Business Leader
Gail Slocum, Former Mayor of Menlo Park, CA/ Chief Environmental Consultant for Emerging Sustainability Technologies, Pacific Gas & Electric*
Sara Feldman, Vice President for Southern CA, CA State Parks Foundation*
Kevin Mueller, Executive Director Utah Environmental Congress*
Jim Marston, Director of Energy Programs for Environmental Defense Fund TX*
Joseph Minott, Executive Director of PA Clean Air Council*
James Coman, Executive Director of Blue Ridge Land Trust*
Lance Holter, Board Member of HI Sierra Club, Chair of Maui Sierra Club Chapter*
Glen Hurowitz, Principal of Democratic Courage
Jared Duval, Writer, Former National Director of Sierra Student Coalition*
Molly Diggins, NC Environmental Leader
Bill Holman, Former Secretary of NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
David Knight, Director of Government Relations of Nature Conservancy North Carolina Chapter*

*Organizational title for identification purposes only

Hurowitz's name is not listed on a truncated version of the press release currently on the John Edwards for President web site, however a copy of the release posted on Oct. 15 on the Democratic Talk Radio Blog listing Hurowitz among the "National Environmentalists for Edwards Leaders" remains available online. I also have a copy of the original press release with Hurowitz's (misspelled) name on it in my e-mail inbox.

Earlier today, The Politico's Ben Smith reported that Hurowitz had previously donated money to Edwards.

"We think there are other Democratic presidential candidates who are both more progressive and have a better chance of beating the Republicans than she does," Hurowitz told Smith.


--Garance Franke-Ruta