New Campaign, New Typeface

change believe.jpg


Obama 2012.jpg

Three years ago, Barack Obama took a scrappy young font called Gotham and made it the world's hottest typeface. If you pay attention to these sorts of things, you would have seen Gotham -- a font that is self-assured without being showy, articulate yet not oversimplified -- cropping up everywhere anyone wanted some of that hopey-changey mojo. (And as I explained in a column a while back, the appropriate way to talk about a font is to say "It's X, yet Y." Everybody does it.) Well, now the 2012 website has been unveiled, and as Nancy Scola alerts us, font geeks should pay attention: The sans serif Gotham has been relegated to the background in favor of a serif font. This somewhat cryptic post from superstar typeface creators Hoefler & Frere-Jones, who created Gotham, seems to indicate that they created the font for the Obama '12 website by taking Gotham and adding serifs to it.

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