Hello, fellow Klein enthusiasts! I'm Daniel A. Munz, and I run things down the road at Politics and War. Continuing his admirable experiment in editorial altruism, Ezra has given me run of the place for the weekend. I am, as they say, pleased as punch. I've admired Ezra's writing for a sight longer than he's known about mine. I'm looking forward to posing some questions that have been on my mind to you, his predictably insightful cabal of commenters; there's nothing more instructive than arguing in front of an audience.

I'm going to start in very poor form, however, by issuing a bleg: Does anyone know where to get transcripts of Senate committee hearings? (Specifically, the Senate Armed Services Committee.) The normally mild-mannered Jim Talent said something on C-SPAN the other day that just about turned my milk sour, and paraphrasing just wouldn't do it justice.

Anyhow, thanks very much for having me. I hope I will vindicate Ezra's generous belief that I'm worth listening to.

- Daniel A. Munz