NO, THIS IS THE BEST ONE. Without doubt, Kapuscinski�s greatest book is Shah of Shahs. I read it long ago. I remember I was over at my friend David�s house, and he was out doing something, so I just picked up this thin book off his shelf that looked sort of interesting. I was spellbound. Everything he wrote was at least very good, good enough that I was troubled briefly when suspicions began to arise that he kinda sorta embellished stuff, but I decided quickly that I wouldn�t be troubled, because his writing was so full of capital-T Truth that it didn�t matter to me that much. His descriptions of the way the Savak worked, invigilating itself into every aspect of daily life, are incredible.

It�s only 160 pages, and I can guarantee that you won�t be able to put it down. So just get it now.

--Michael Tomasky