Democrats voted to reject cloture on Bolton, in other words, they're filibustering him until they get the NSA intercepts and other documents that have thus far been withheld. Looks like the opposition party has decided against going quietly into the sweet night.

Good for them. Indeed, I think this may be more important than it appears on first glance. Aside from the obvious utility of holding up Bolton, the power balance in the post-compromise Senate was really up for grabs. The language of the resolution was so vague as to make it entirely possible that Republican moderates, and thus the Republican majority, had actually increased their power over the Democrats, that they could demand "good behavior" in return for abiding by the compromise. Rejecting Bolton -- with a filibuster no less! -- proves that the Democrats don't see what happened in the judicial fight as binding them in future confrontations. They're still on the attack and Frist is still stuck pathetically calling for bipartisan comity.