NOONAN'S STILL AT IT. Once every couple of weeks, I check in to see how Peggy Noonan is doing. Science doth march on, after all, and there's no telling what I may have missed on the pharmaceutical websites. This one, though, I confess, baffles my poor analytical skills.

Personally, given my family's documented history with Alzheimer's Disease, I'd be perfectly happy leaving, say, stem-cell research "to devolve into the private sphere." I suspect Michael Schiavo would agree with me on general principles, too. The problem is that obstreperous public theocrats keep fastening these issues to a donkey and sending them off toward Jerusalem. And what's the rest of the argument here? Life's too short to be this complicated? And that bit about what Machiavellian liberals might try to pull on us sounds an awful lot like the basic Rovian playbook to me. Nice to see Moe's Big And Tall getting a plug, though.

--Charles P. Pierce