NOW ALL WE NEED IS A BAND. I've heard the lament from so many TAP readers: You're walking along, listening to some music, and all you can think is, "If only I could somehow listen to Prospect content on my IPod." Well now you can! TAP has hit ITunes. Subscribe to our podcasts (for free!) here -- we�re currently featuring our breakfast talks with Howard Dean, Congressman Sherrod Brown, and right-wing warrior Grover Norquist. We�re going to be putting up more content soon, so be sure to subscribe.

Meanwhile, befitting our prescient and longstanding appreciation for the importance of social capital, TAP has now entered the online social networking game. Be sure to catch us at MySpace and Gather, where you can join discussion threads, enter the contests we're currently running, and listen to streaming audio of the new single from TAP's in-house emo band, once said single is written and recorded.

--The Editors

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