NOW THAT'S BRAND LOYALTY. Imagine if Coca-Cola, tired of seeing "New Coke" used as a universal signifier of a remarkably bad idea, blasted out a press release demanding that folks cease smearing the trademark of what was merely a sugared up soft drink concocted in accordance with a national survey of soda taste preferences. Oh the internets would laugh, and laugh, and laugh. So prepare to emit a chuckle in Grover Norquist's direction. Because Grover, finally fed up with all the unfair smears aimed at his innocuous project to browbeat lobbying firms into hiring more conservatives and fewer Democrats, is seeking to patent the name "K Street Project," rescue it from its association with Jack Abramoff, and make a quick buck along the way:

�Some people say Kleenex when they mean tissue,� Norquist said. �We will jealously guard the real phrasing the way Kleenex and Coca-Cola do. We will sue anyone who says it wrong and make lots of money.�

Ah Grover, what would we do without you?

--Ezra Klein